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    How can I be sure that the ashes in the urn are those of the right person?2018-05-10T21:33:20-04:00

    Each deceased is identified, following the death, by labels placed by the hospital, the center of accommodation or the morgue. During transport to the crematorium, carriers of the funeral home ensure the good identity of the person by checking the labels of identifications. Subsequently, the body is placed in a container for cremation on which the name of the person is registered.

    When the time comes to proceed to the cremation, a label on which figure the name, the date and number of cremation is placed on the door of the unit of cremation. The latter will follow the ashes throughout the process up to their deposit in the urn and identified by a numbered token. On the certificate of cremation which is provided to you, the number of cremation registered on it is the same as that on this token.

    Please be aware that for those who wish to attend the process of cremation you have the opportunity to be present at the time of the entry of the body in the unit of cremation. Your advisor you will share during the planning meeting of the funeral.

    Do you incinerate more than one person at a time?2018-05-14T20:24:14-04:00

    No, the part of the crematory oven where the body enters is barely wider and higher then a coffin. However, we can incinerate more of a person per day since a cremation lasts on average 2 hours.

    What happens with my prearrangement if the company goes bankrupt, shuts down or changes ownership?2018-05-10T21:30:22-04:00

    Given that the money of your prearrangement is deposited in a trust account, your money will be returned to you if the company goes bankrupt or if it closes its doors. In the case of a transfer of ownership, the new owner buys and respects the prearrangement contracts.

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