Living the loss of aone is a painful experience that requires a lot of steps. We know that in these difficult times you need that we offer you a professional respectful and Serine service.

At the funeral home Marie-Soleil Phaneuf, we are anxious to advise you in the choice of custom rituals to the image of the beloved and according to everyone’s personal beliefs. We will guide you toward the funeral services best suited to your needs both spiritual and administrative.


The planning meeting of the funeral following the death allows selecting the type of rituals that respects the wishes of the Beloved, whether, the traditional funeral with exposure of the body or the cremation with exposure of the urn.

In any case, the funeral ceremony may be held in the Church or the funeral home according to your preferences. Your advisor will contact the Church, the place of worship, the pastor or other celebrant. We then discuss the mode of disposal of the body or ashes, either burial in the cemetery or placing of ashes in a columbarium.


In a concern to offer you a complete and personalized service and to perpetuate the memory of the beloved, we offer you various commemorative objects such as:

  • Headstones


The funeral prearrangements: a peace of mind

« “The fact of having pre-arrangements facilitates the approaches and choices. It is secured as the Act on prior arrangements governs this sector and ensures the respect of the commitments as well as the protection of sums paid and deposited in trust.” Ptotégez-vous, March 17th 2014.

The funeral prearrangement allows planning in whole or in part, the details of your funeral or of a family member, We know that it is a huge task to plan everything when emotions are present. Therefore preparing in advance our wills or those of our dear ones brings us and our entourage peace of mind.

Enjoy the benefits of pre-arranged funerals:

• Your money is securely deposited in a trust account at Desjardins and this in accordance with the Act.

• You benefit of the current rates thus avoiding the price increases.

• We offer the service at home for people who have mobility difficulties.

• We offer you the possibility to spread the payments of your prearrangement and this interest free.


When a death occurs abroad two options are possible for the family, either the repatriation of the ashes or the body. You must know that the repatriation of the ashes is less expensive and that it requires less legal formalities. In the one case as in the other, we are here to accompany you thru all the steps.

When the death occurs, the body must be cared for by a local funeral home. If you have a life insurance, make sure you contact them in the shortest possible time in order to know the procedure to follow and whether they have an agreement with a local home. During a repatriation of ashes, the funeral home will have to proceed to the cremation, declare the death according to their laws and regulations, and provide proof of official death and of cremation. During a repatriation of body, the difference is that the funeral home must proceed with the embalming according to international standards and provide a certificate of embalming.

Our role is to communicate with the local funeral home in order to be present at each step to ensure it meets all the necessary formalities and that it provides all the documents needed. We organise and schedule transport, we recover the deceased at the airport and organise the funeral with you at your return.

The repatriation can be complex depending on the country, but be aware that we have the knowledge and the necessary contacts to assist you through this process.

We invite you to consult the following brochure in order to know the various steps to follow when a death occurs abroad.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any interrogations in regard to our funeral services .

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